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WW2 Italian Deactivated Beretta Model 38/44 Sub Machine Gun

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WW2 Italian Deactivated Beretta Model 38/44 Sub Machine Gun in very good deactivated condition.
Deactivated to the latest EU Spec, with moving metal dummy bolt (under spring pressure), moving triggers, safety and a removable magazine.
It also has the oblong safety button in the stock, this means when the weapon is cocked, the button is pushed and the weapon 'dry fires'.
We have a small selection in stock, all with the WW2 'fluted' barrel. Some have slightly darker wood but all are in very good condition.

The Original Beretta Mod. 38A Sub Machine Gun was designed in 1938 and entered service with the Italian fascists in the same year.
A very well made and sub Machine Gun which were reliable and more accurate than most of their contemporaries, because of their longer than average barrels.
They were easy to control on full auto, because of the effective muzzle break at the end of the barrel and the full length wooden stock.
Interestingly, they were captured in large numbers and used by the Americans during WW2.

All deactivated weapons sold by Vigo Militaria and Collectables are deactivated in the United Kingdom and hold London or Birmingham proof marks and a certificate stating that the weapon has been deactivated correctly.

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