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WW2 German Waffen SS 76mm Inert Shell for captured T34 Tanks. Found at Danzig.

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A WW2 German made T34 76mm Inert Shell for arguably the most successful Tank in WW2, the superb T34 Russian main Battle Tank.
This complete and inert shell, is in solid condition, strips down and is complete with its shell case which has a few knocks and holes, but its a German made T34 round as used by the Waffen SS..........! See pictures.
The Waffen SS captured a number Russian T34 tanks during WW2 and this round was made by the Germans for these captured tanks.
These complete German T34 rounds are rarely seen on the market, so be quick.
A must for any collector of WW2 Inert Ordnance or any WW2 collection.

More on the T34 and the Waffen SS.
It was the Waffen SS that made the most widespread use of the illustrious Soviet tank, above all the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. After the recapture of Kharkov on March 18, 1943, about 50 incapacitated T-34s awaiting repair fell into its hands.

Using the facilities of the Kharkov Tractor Plant, the SS restored several dozen tanks and formed a separate company from them within the Reich division — the largest unit of captured T-34s in the German armed forces.

All inert Ordnance sold by Vigo Militaria and Collectables are inert and Free From Explosives (FFE).

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