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WW2 German WW2 Cardboard Schumine Schuetzenmine M43(S)

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Very rare German WW2 Cardboard Schuetzenmine M43(S) Anti Personnel Mine.

These do not come onto the market very often, here at Vigo Militaria we have only seen one other offered for sale.
This M43(S) is in great condition for the age and complete.
This mine is made of waxed cardboard and mine detectors could not detect it.
Because of the unique design they just do not survive, and because it has survived intact is miraculous.
The mine strips and is complete.
The M43(S) mine was originally designed in Sweden and adopted by the German Wehrmacht.

All inert Ordnance sold by Vigo Militaria and Collectables are Free From Explosives (FFE).

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