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Illuminated Large Ordnance Transit Display case

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Heres something very special for all collectors of Large inert ordnance.

If your looking for a way to display your items then we have the perfect solution.
This transit case has been adapted, it has lighting strips all round, it plugs straight into the mains and has a 5mm thick perspex cover so you can see your inert ordnance in all their glory.

This display case can be displayed upright as in the pictures or could be adapted as a coffee table.

The transit case is olive green it measures 106.5 cm Long x 45cm Width x 20.5 cms deep. The shells in the pictures are an 88mm Tiger/Flak, a Stug Hetzer round and  T34 76 mm Tank Round. These DO NOT come with the case, but are available separately. They are just to show how your ordnance will fit in the display case.

A super item for the serious Inert Ordnance collector.

NOTE - the case is green.