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Rare - WW2 German Inert HE-Frag Bouncing/Jumping Mortar Round for 8cm Granatwerfer dated 1944.

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Here we have a very rare WW2 item. Its a German Inert Wgr. 39 HE-Frag Bouncing/Jumping Mortar Round for the 8cm Granatwerfer 34 - GrW 34.

This 8cm rare Mortar Round is in really good condition, it is complete with its 1944 dated fuse, it retains most of its original paint, it has its stencilled date (1944) still present and it fully strips down.

The Wgr.39 had 400g of explosives packed inside, and utilised a tiny rocket motor to 'bounce' itself off of the ground on a target area by ejecting the nose cap, which is only friction fit. It would then explode in mid-air, throwing the dangerous fragmentation payload about the surrounding area.
Unfortunately the 'bouncing' or 'jumping' types of these mortars proved too expensive to produce, and they were discontinued.

So this is an excellent opportunity to own a very rare German WWII mortar round.

All inert Ordnance sold by Vigo Militaria and Collectables are Free From Explosives (FFE).

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