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WW1 British Dog Tags to W. H. Hall, Royal Garrison Artillery.

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A pair of original WW1 Dog Tags and original string named to W. H. Hall, Royal Garrison Artillery.

There are two disks that were worn; one is red/brown and the other is green and are approximately the same size as the original aluminium disk.
Both are stamped with the same details.
In the event that the wearer was killed, the red tag was removed from the body and the green tag left with the body.
If time was permitted the tag would be placed in the dead soldier’s mouth.
Many soldiers and particularly sailors believed correctly that these tags would not prove to be durable and some soldiers continued to wear a personal means of identification. This was usually a metal wrist bracelet worn along with the official service tag around the neck.

A fabulous piece of history that could maybe do with more research.

The Royal Garrison Artillery

The Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) was formed in 1899 as a distinct arm of the British Army's Royal Regiment of Artillery serving alongside the other two arms of the Regiment, the Royal Field Artillery (RFA) and the Royal Horse Artillery (RHA).
The RGA were the 'technical' branch of the Royal Artillery who were responsible for much of the professionalisation of technical gunnery that was to occur during the First World War.