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WW2 Deactivated Russian PPSh-41 Sub Machine Gun - Dated 1944 - S/N 7168 Matching Numbers

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One of the best and definitely the fastest Sub Machine Gun of WW2, the iconic Russian PPSh-41.
This Deactivated,1944 dated PPSh-41 has full matching numbers, including the stock! It is in very good condition, cocks and dry fires and can be stripped.
It comes complete with its WW2 sling and is as original as it gets.

The PPSh-41 is a Soviet submachine gun designed by Georgy Shpagin as a cheap, reliable, and simplified alternative to the PPD-40. A common Russian nickname for the weapon is "papasha", meaning "daddy", and it was sometimes called the "burp gun" because of its high rate of fire, it could empty its 71 round magazine in seconds, spitting out 900 rounds a minute!

They were very sought after during WW2, with many German Soldiers using them as their weapon of choice. See pictures.

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All deactivated weapons sold by Vigo Militaria and Collectables are deactivated in the United Kingdom and hold London or Birmingham proof marks and a certificate stating that the weapon has been deactivated correctly.

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