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WW2 Fairbairn Sykes Commando Fighting Knife and Scabbard 3rd Pattern

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The legendary WW2 Fairbairn Sykes Commando Fighting Knife as used by Special Forces and SOE during WW2.

This original WW2 FS Commando knife and scabbard is a great survivor from WW2.
The Blade has been cut down by just under one inch, probably damaged at some point, but resharpened correctly, other than that its correct in every way, it has the number 3 on the handle, the thicker guard, late war machined blade, domed pommel nut and correct wartime scabbard.
This Commando Knife is tight with no rattles and is in super condition.

The British Commando knife was first designed in 1940 by close combat legends William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes, who established and taught the combative training methods for wartime special forces such as the independent companies, SOE, Commandos, U.S Rangers and OSS.

Though known as the FS Fighting knife, this was not designed to be a fighting knife, but primarily designed to be used in silent killing actions such as sentry take-outs. The techniques of effective use were taught to various special forces at Highland training centres such as Lochailort Special Training Centre (STC) and Achnacarry, which was the Commando Basic Training Centre (CBTC) from 1942-1945.

Don't miss this opportunity to add this iconic knife to your collection.

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