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WW2 German 20mm Flak Cannon Ammo Box - Recovered from a lake in Leningrad

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This WW2 German 20mm Flak Cannon Ammo Box is full of history.
It was issued to Army group North under the command of Field marshal Von Leeb which comprised the 16th Army, 18th Army and the 4th Panzer Group.
This Ammo Box was recovered from a fresh water lake in Leningrad in 2017.

The ammo tin still works, it opens and closes, its catch works and it still has some original stencilling and much of its original paint. It comes with its encapsulated information sheet.

A super piece of WW2 history 'that was there.'

More on the Siege of Leningrad.

The siege of Leningrad was a prolonged military blockade undertaken from the south by the Army Group North of Nazi Germany against the Soviet city of Leningrad on the Eastern Front in World War II. The Finnish army invaded from the north, co-operating with the Germans, and completed the ring around the city. 
On January 27, 1944, after nearly 900 days under blockade, Leningrad was freed. The victory was heralded with a 24-salvo salute from the city’s guns, and civilians broke into spontaneous celebrations in the streets. “People brought out vodka,” Leningrader Olga Grechina wrote. “We sang, cried, laughed; but it was sad all the same—the losses were just too large.”

The siege lasted from 8 Sept 1941 – 27 Jan 1944. This ammo tin was recovered in 2017.