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WW2 German Kreigsmarine and Luftwaffe Photo Album including Messina and Palermo. Over 170 original photos.

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A truly stunning set of over 170 original unseen photos. This WW2 German Kreigsmarine and Luftwaffe Photo Album including pictures from Messina and Palermo is in very good condition. It is marked ‘Memories’ on the front and has a de-Nazified eagle also on the front.

There are pictures of ships, aircraft, recovering soldiers outside hospital, group pictures, marching pictures, soldiers relaxing, in fact this is one of the best albums from WW2 we have seen. See pictures.

The album measures 30cm x 22cm, is in very good condition, one or two of the tissue papers covering the photos are loose but it is over 80 years old.

This original photo album containing over 170 original unseen pictures will only be available once to the serious collector. Do not miss it.

Worldwide shipping available. If outside the UK Please contact