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WW2 Para Flying Flea Petrol Tank Art

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Wow! Here’s something special and a total one off that will look great on display or in your man cave.

This original WW2 Para Flying Flea Petrol Tank has been expertly painted in acrylic paint by WW2 and Military artist Kirsty Sanderson, as a homage to the British Paras from WW2.

The petrol tank has been cleaned repainted in the correct khaki colour then the pictures have been created by Kirsty in acrylic paint to ensure that the paint stays bright and does not peel off. See pictures 

A truly stunning piece, do not miss out.


The Royal Enfield WD/RE known as the "Flying Flea" was a lightweight British Motorcycle developed by Royal Enfield for the British War Office as a means of transport that could be dropped by parachute or carried in gliders,to quickly carry messages and signals between airborne and assault troops where radio communications were not in place. It was initially issued and used by the Parachute Regiment during WW2