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WW2 PPsh-41 9mm Convertor Adapter to the German designated MP41r

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Perhaps the most iconic Soviet weapon of World War II, the PPSh-41 was also wildly popular among German forces who captured tens of thousands of the submachine guns and put them to good use. Among German soldiers they were popular for their ruggedness and their 71 round drum magazine.
Most German pistols and submachine guns used 9x19mm Parabellum. The 7.63 Mauser cartridge was developed for the C96 Broomhandle pistol, which was popular during World War I but not as common during World War II. As a result, the Germans developed a 9mm conversion of the PPSh-41 called the MP-41®.  

The weapon used MP 40 magazines which were fitted with a special adapter. Supposedly, around 4,000 of these conversions were made, although it is unknown how many were actually produced. 

We have a post war convertor and a wartime dated MP40 magazine on offer.
Simply swap your PPsh-41 Drum or stick Magazine for the adapter and magazine and you have the MP41r. See pictures PPsh-41 SMG not included.

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