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WW2 Russian SSh-40 Helmet with Liner, Chinstrap and Red Star Decal.

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An original WW2 Russian SSh-40 Helmet (stalnoy shlem) with original paint, complete with liner, chin strap and Ref Star decal. 
It has had two refurbishments in its lifetime, one in 1946 the other in 1955 and is ink stamped accordingly. It then served in the post war Russian army.

This SSh-40 is a fabulous piece of history from the Russian front of WW2.
It is solid and there is a bit of surface rust present, interestingly it has the Red Star present on the front of the helmet. A true survivor from WW2.

The SSh-40 was most commonly seen in-service helmet used by the Soviet Union during World War II.
The only external difference between the SSh-39 and the SSh-40 were the six rivets near the bottom of the helmet, as opposed to the three near the top of the SSh-39 shell.