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1776 Musket Ball as used in the American war of independence by the Duke of Brunswicks mercenaries.

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Well this is something different and super rare. 
It’s a 1776 Musket Ball as used by the Duke of Brunswicks mercenaries during the American war of independence in 1776.

We know it’s from 1776 because the calibre is .69 and this calibre was only used by over 4000 Duke of Brunswicks mercenaries when they went to America.

Brunswick troops in the American Revolutionary War served as auxiliaries to the British army in accordance with the treaty of 1776.
Four regiments of foot, one regiment of dragoons, one grenadier battalion, and one light battalion with a Jäger company were dispatched to British America. Most of the Brunswick troops fought at the Battles of Saratoga, where they were forced to surrender as part of British General John Burgoynes army. 

A fascinating 250 year old link to the American war of independence. 

There’s only one available. 

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