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A Stunning FFI/Resistance Grouping to Andre Cattoen including Fighting Knife, coded newspaper, ID Cards, FFI Flag and much more.

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Vigo Militaria and Collectables are please to offer this outstanding grouping to Andre Cattoen (Le Renard) French Army and FFI.
We have recently acquired these personal FFI/Resistance items belonging to Andre Cattoen who was known as Le Renard, and also items belonging to his wife Marthe Alice Cattoen. We understand that they also had a son who was a small child during the war.
These fantastic FFI Resistance items came via an English acquaintance who was renovating a house in Brittany. Andre Cattoens nephew showed this box containing the items, which we subsequently acquired.
The nephew said that the family had sold Cattoens medals years ago (see picture of his medal list and also picture of Cattoen receiving medals) but all the other items are still in the box. These include his fighting knife and scabbard which appears to be made from a bayonet, also his multi tool (SOE, lighter and his lamp. From late 1942 men of fighting age had to be hidden. According to his nephew Catttoen used to use the paraffin lamp to give him light when he wrote whilst in hiding, his wife then used to deliver his messages.
Cattoen was in the French army before the war, post Dunkirk he was in the FFI/Resistance. There are various ID cards, his French army card, FFI card, general ID card etc.
We also have his wife’s ID cards.
There is his Resistance Flag, bunting and small liberation flags as well. There is a 1941 dated newspaper called The Grand Echo of Northern France. On the back page Cattoen has ringed two coded classified adverts, which we have had translated.
We have also had the letters translated but some of the information is a little ‘loose’ given the handwriting however it is accurate is possible and there is scope for further research.
One letter mentions a search for crashed aircraft that Cattoen should have been on and the mention of someone called Soulou (an agent?) then the next letter explains that Cattoen was not on the plane?
All translations will be supplied to the buyer.

The box belonged to Cattoen and he has written his name in the inside of the box lid.

Please see the many pictures for all the items in this very large grouping.

We will not split this collection up. Resistance/ FFI items are very scarce and this grouping is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the best collection we have seen of one French Resistance fighters war history.