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Very Rare 1941 dated Fallschirmjäger book ‘This is how you become a Parachuter’ 94 pages of pictures and text.

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A very rare original Fallschirmjäger book ‘This is how you become a Parachuter’ Is an introduction to WW2 recruits to the fledgling German Fallschirmjäger.

It is 94 pages containing pictures, some humorous, and text describing how and why a potential recruit will become a German WW2 parachutist. It mentions how great it is to be a parachutist, what training you will be expected to do etc etc. There’s even a page that shows how not to operate a flare gun ‘With flare guns you naturally want to give flare signals. So that everyone can see them, they are shot vertically into the air. If you are completely wrong in that direction, it usually smells and smells dangerous. Stupidity is a very daring and ruthless opponent of humanity.

This very rare propaganda book has a plain front and back cover was printed in 1941 by Nibelungen-Verlag / Berlin-Leipzig.

It is in very good condition with some blemish’s and one or two small tears, these do not diminish the value.

A stunning piece of WW2 German Fallschirmjäger history.

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