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WW1 German 1917 Ink Pot Rifle Grenade inert

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This WW1 German 1917 Ink Pot Rifle Grenade is in very good condition and is part of an inert ordnance collection we have just acquired from Ordnance expert and Author John Bailey.

The ‘Ink Pot’ Karabingranate 1917, a German rifle grenade was the German answer which to the French VB rifle grenade, it is cylindrical, innerly prefragmentated, it was fired from in a sleeve fixed to the Mauser infantry rifle, propelled by a conventional ammunition combustion gasses .

It strips down and is in solid condition. See pictures.

A genuine piece of WW1 history for your collection.

All inert Ordnance sold by Vigo Militaria and Collectables are Free From Explosives (FFE).