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WW2 Dated SOE Compass Razor with Original Bakerlite Box

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This WW2 1945 Dated SOE Compass Razor with Bakelite box is complete and in super condition.

The razor blade is dated 1945. The razor was assembled and the magnetic razor blade could be placed on the top, the blade would rotate, the blade has arrows printed on the top which would point north, thus orientating the agent. 
The razor blade could also be placed in water to find north.

The correct Bakelite box is manufactured by Gillette.

This is one of the best SOE/Escape and Evasion Razor compasses we have seen. 

A fantastic addition to your SOE collection.

Setting Europe Ablaze.

 set up to wage a secret war. Its agents were mainly tasked with sabotage and subversion behind enemy lines. They had an influential supporter in Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who famously ordered them to 'set Europe ablaze!'

SOE's director of operations was Commando officer Brigadier Colin Gubbins whose interest in irregular warfare originated from his service during the Irish War of Independence (1919-21). Gubbins had also been involved in planning to establish a sabotage force to work behind the lines during any German invasion of Britain.

Gubbins’s approach to warfare included blowing up trains, bridges and factories, as well as fostering revolt and guerrilla warfare in enemy-occupied countries.

After completing a gruelling training regime, SOE agents were parachuted into occupied Europe and the Far East to work with resistance movements. Many were serving soldiers, often with Commando training, but others joined directly from civilian life.

Women also joined up. Some were enlisted in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) to disguise their secret work. These were the only women permitted a combat role during the Second World War.