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WW2 Russian SSh-39 Helmet with Liner and Chinstrap.

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An original WW2 Russian SSh-39 Helmet (stalnoy shlem) with original paint, complete with liner and chin strap. 
it is stamped with its batch number '2 6422' on the rim.

This SSh-39 is an honest survivor of WW2 from the Russian front, it is solid and there is a bit of surface rust present, however if you are after a super example of a WW2 Russian helmet then this one is for you.

The SSh (stalnoy shlem, or steel helmet) 39 was of simple, more modern design, and was much easier to manufacture than the M36. The SSh-39 would be the standard design for Soviet helmets for the next 29 years, with only minor changes occurring during that time. It is also the design for the helmet on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. The helmet was produced primarily in three factories, the Stalingrad Tractor Factory (designated CT in the ink stamp), the Red October Factory (3K0) also in Stalingrad, and the Lysva Metallurgical Factory (LMZ).