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WW2 USAAF B17 Deactivated .50 Calibre Browning AN M2 Barrel and Shroud

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This very rare WW2 USAAF B17 Deactivated .50 Calibre Barrel and Shroud is in super condition, the barrel is removable from the shroud, and all the threads are in fine order on the barrel. There is a small amount of rust on one side of the barrel shroud but this does not detract from its desirability. See pictures.

We picked this up in Norfolk where much of the USAAF airforce were located not too far from Thorpe Abbots airfield which was the home of the 100th bomb group featured on the new Spielberg series Masters of the Air.

We have had the barrel deactivated and it comes with its deactivation certificate.

These .50 Calibre barrels were used in the Browning AN M2 waist guns and top turret guns as well.

A stunning rare piece of American Airforce weapons history.

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